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Sign up, create a Microsoft mail accounts (Hotmail, Outlook mail). Microsoft mail is one of the famous email services and most commonly used today.
Microsoft mail, also known as Outlook mail or Hotmail, is the email service of Microsoft is probably just behind Gmail by Google about popularity just as famous. With a Microsoft mail account, you can send and receive email quickly and easily as well as to sign & use all the services of the MicrosoftSee the tutorial creating Microsoft mail below.

Registration instructions, make up the Microsoft mail accounts (Hotmail, Outlook mail) fastest

Step 1: You click on the link to register: login (because the link is long too so he used the shortened link services).
Step 2: fill out your information on the Registration Form email service from Microsoft.
You should note the following points:
  • Name & surname: Enter and They and your name or nickname.
  • Username: Choose a Microsoft mail login name you want to create does not coincide with the login name is already in use. You can select 1 of the 3 tails email which is @outlook. com and @hotmail. comYou click on the frame after @ to select.
  • Password: the password must have 8 characters or more, has the distinction of upper and lowercase letters.
  • Country: select your country
  • Postal code: 100000 Washington is also HCM is 700000, with others, you can see here.
  • Birth date: Enter the day, month, year of your birth.
  • Gender: Choose your gender
  • Country code: (+1) is USA.
  • Phone number: If you have a phone number, please enter it here, it will help secure your Microsoft account better.
  • Alternate email addresses: If you already have an email account, please enter here. When you forget or lose the password, you can retrieve your password via email .
  • Enter the characters you see: type the characters you see into the frame below it.

Completed Registration Form to the Microsoft mail accounts, you click the button create account .
hotmail sign up
The Microsoft registration form mail (Hotmail, Outlookmail)

Microsoft mail account creation successful. You will be taken to the electronic mailbox has just created .
From the times using Microsoft mail after you log in, follow the following path:
Wish you success!!!

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